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Journal February 2017 (in French)



February 24-25:
"Solidarity in all its phases!"

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Something new for school canteens
Since the beginning of the year, our school canteens project in Burkina Faso has expanded with the introduction of market gardens within the schools.
Objective: make the canteens more self-reliant through the cultivation of vegetables, especially during out-of-season period when vegetables are not available. Gardens also bring a green touch within the school compound!
Two schools had the opportunity to launch their market garden, including Sarogo...
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Nicoline Kooger, volunteer anesthesiologist
Born in Holland, Nicoline Kooger lives in Switzerland since age 13. After studying medicine, she wanted to become an anesthesiologist. At that time, she decided to get involved in humanitarian aid, and before starting her new anesthesia training, she went to Mozambique with Médecins sans frontières (Doctors without borders).
A few years later, having thoroughly enjoyed her first experience as a volunteer, she wanted to get involved once more. She first heard about the CHK and Morija from...
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The CHK expands!
Opened in 1992, the CHK is the only rehabilitation center in Burkina Faso that provides a comprehensive orthopedic care. Over 1,000 people suffering from a physical disability are cared for every year. Many patients even travel several hundred kilometers to receive health care.
To meet an increasing demand, the Center, now limited in its capacity, must imperatively expand to care for more patients. The architect firm NOMOS,...
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