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Journal December 2017 (in French)





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Alimen'terre Film Festival 2017
For the Solidarity Festival, Morija participates for the 2nd consecutive year in the Alimen’terre Film Festival by organizing an evening film projection-discussion on the theme of food: Short supply food chains to feed the cities … in Africa as well as here. Join us on Thursday November 30 at 8 p.m. at the movie theater Le France in Thonon, for the screening of 2 compelling short films: "Vivre dignement de sa terre" (Live from one’s land with dignity), by Christophe Leroix and Karfa Diallo...
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Solidarity Festival – The ‘Eat’ Show
As part of the 2017 Solidarity Festival, Morija is pleased to organize an evening theater performance focusing on food and its excesses. The Zygomatic company looks forward to seeing you on Friday December 1 at 8.30 pm at the Antoine Riboud Theater in Evian, for a burlesque musical show:‘Eat’ carries you through an absurd, poetical and musical saga at the very heart of our plate. Four actors-singers choose humor as their weapons to delve us in the history of humanity...
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CRNE Ouagadougou: Community outing in the village of Polesgo
The Center for Recovery and Nutritional Education (CRNE) in Ouagadougou has been implementing for several years now a program for the diagnosis of malnutrition among children under five years old in the Health and Social Promotion Centers (HSPC) located in the neighbouring communes and villages. On Thursday, June 29, a team organized a visit in the district of Polesgo located about 7 km away from the CRNE. This was the second visit conducted in this district since 2015.
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