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  • Project for the extension of the CHK

Journal Januar 2017 (in French)



December 3:
International Day
of Persons with Disabilities

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The CHK expands!
Opened in 1992, the CHK is the only rehabilitation center in Burkina Faso that provides a comprehensive orthopedic care. Over 1,000 people suffering from a physical disability are cared for every year. Many patients even travel several hundred kilometers to receive health care.
To meet an increasing demand, the Center, now limited in its capacity, must imperatively expand to care for more patients. The architect firm NOMOS,...
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Morija awarded the Burkinabè Order of Merit
On December 11, Burkina Faso celebrated the 56th anniversary of its independence. The official ceremony took place in Kaya along with the commemorative festivities under the presidency of Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, the head of state. This year, the chosen theme was "Democracy, security challenges, economic and social progress." Civil, paramilitary and military parades punctuated the commemoration.
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Gaston KAGRIYE, a refugee helped by Guider IHC
"My name is Gaston KAGRIYE, I am married and have 6 children. I am from Moubi, a town in Nigeria close to the border with Cameroon. I was a guard in a shop and my wife ran a small vegetable and fish business. In spite of our low earnings, we lived happily at home until threats from the Boko Haram sect caused us to flee from our town to Cameroon. We reached Guider in March 2016, after going from village to village looking for a place to settle down. To make a living..."
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