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Journal September 2017 (in French)



15th October :
International day of Rural Women



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CRNE Ouagadougou: Community outing in the village of Polesgo
The Center for Recovery and Nutritional Education (CRNE) in Ouagadougou has been implementing for several years now a program for the diagnosis of malnutrition among children under five years old in the Health and Social Promotion Centers (HSPC) located in the neighbouring communes and villages. On Thursday, June 29, a team organized a visit in the district of Polesgo located about 7 km away from the CRNE. This was the second visit conducted in this district since 2015.
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June 5: World Environment Day
Through its projects, Morija is acting on this by promoting soil restoration, sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity conservation.
The Family Bocage Fields project (CFB) encourages, for example, the beneficiaries to limit the use of chemicals such as pesticides, to the benefit of organic treatment.
The intervention area of the CFB project which includes 7 villages around Nobéré,...
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Kadi, smiling again
Kadi comes from Barsalogo, a village in the neighbourhood of Kaya. She came for consultation at the Medical and Surgical Center (MSC) in January 2017, during the surgery mission led by Dr Dominique Hügli. Completely folded over, unable to stretch her feet, as well as unable to stand or walk, she was suffering from a serious infection which had already lasted for three years. The young girl could not even sit or squat at times and she remained lying in her bed all day long.
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