Co-operation and partnership

Morija sets up its projects with a view to co-operate with local organizations wishing to support the development of their country. Supporting initiatives, promoting the people’s autonomy and capacity building are in the center of our priorities.
Partnership is a dynamic relationship built by actors linked by a common motivation and vision, having for goal to plan and carry out together co-operation activities, according to clearly defined and accepted objectives.

Project management

Our objective is to allow a social and human change in the long run, with a perspective of self-development.

The set-up projects try to meet 5 essential criteria:

  • RELEVANCE : the adequacy of the objectives and the undertaken activities to meet the identified priority needs.
  • EFFECTIVENESS : the relationship between goals and achievements.
  • EFFICIENCY : the relationship between the achievements, and the costs and resources used to reach them.
  • IMPACT : focus on the positive and negative effects of the project from a point of view widened outside the scope for intervention and in the long run.
  • SUSTAINABILITY : the capacity of positive results to be prolonged beyond their effective time limit, that is beyond the end of external involvement.