Morija relies on the support of salaried staff, volunteers and interns to carry out its missions with the most vulnerable people in Africa.

We are always looking for new skills to prepare our actions from the head office.
In general, no expatriate staff is sent to the field in the long term, we prioritize support to local partners.

You will find below all the positions currently available.
Personal achievements, experience and adherence to the values we defend are valued as much as qualifications and diplomas.

For any information, please use our contact form.

Jobs at headquarters

No positions currently available .


For almost 40 years, Morija has been calling on volunteers.
Our needs are growing and the work volunteers provide is valuable to us.

Required skills and tasks to be performed:

  • Punctual translation from French to Italian
  • Production of various communication documents (mastery of computer graphics tools is required)
  • Punctual secretarial (letters, documentation mailings, telephone reminders…)
  • Video editing

Volunteering can be done at Morija’s office but also at home, depending on the tasks assigned.

Trainees at headquarters

Morija’s mission and values speak to you? We suggest you do an internship related to your training to acquire more experience in a professional environment.

Interns/volunteers in the field

Morija allows interns or volunteers to complete short field missions.

In this context, the project defined by the volunteer or intern must fulfill two conditions:

.The request must be approved by the field and must meet a specific need.
.Specific skills are to be applied to the benefit of the project and are expected to fully integrate into the structure.

Interns/volunteers themselves finance their plane ticket. They unreservedly endorse our ethics charter and our conditions for volunteer work.