Location: Nobéré, South Central Region, Burkina Faso
The peri-urban commune of Nobéré comprises 27 villages and an urban center.

The nutritional situation in the municipality of Nobéré is precarious, 90% of the population has an undiversified diet and only has access to one or two of the seven food groups recommended by the World Health Organization.

General objective: Improve the situation and nutritional practices in the municipality of Nobéré.

Specific objectives :

  • Strengthen the skills and nutritional knowledge of the beneficiaries
  • Improve nutritional practices
  • Organize an effective system for the care and prevention of malnutrition


Duration of the program: January 2015- December 2020

Beneficiaries: around 20,000 people including 3,800 children.

Activities :

  • Care and prevention of malnutrition
    In case of acute severe or moderate malnutrition, children are referred to the Centre for Recovery and Nutritional Education (CRNE) of Nobéré.
  • Improvement of nutritional practices
    Community learning groups are set up in the villages of Nobéré district to provide nutritional education to pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Strengthening the nutritional skills of the beneficiaries
    A framework of consultation is set up in the villages between the various competent actors of the commune, ensuring an effective steering of a prevention policy directly in families.

The Nutrition component is an integral part of the Colibri Program, which works transversally in several areas (NutritionWater-Sanitation-Hygiene, Rural Development) to improve the living conditions and resilience of the population of Nobéré.