Morija offers various non-registered sponsorship programs that allow you to support a large number of people. Your commitment contributes to the financing of the project that implements the activities of support towards the beneficiaries.

As a sponsor, you receive three times a year news of the supported project, including testimonials from beneficiaries to concretely measure the impact of your support!

Sponsoring programs

Malnourished children

They are taken care of in our nutrition centers (CRNE).



People with Disabilities

They are treated at the Medical and Surgical Center (MSC) of Kaya.



Inhabitants of Nobéré

They are the beneficiaries of the Colibri Program in Burkina Faso.


– A sponsorship is a moral commitment. You can stop it at any time –


Non-registered sponsorship

This mode of sponsorship responds to a logic of development, in order to allow long-term social and human change. It is part of an ethical approach and also avoids unnecessary administrative costs.
Your support as a sponsor benefits different people in the same year.