Center for Recovery and Nutritional Education (CRNE)

Location : Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou and Nobéré

Goals :

  • Save malnourished children
  • Educate the mothers on nutrition, health and hygiene
  • Ensure a consistent, long term follow-up of the children


Beneficiaries: children with malnutrition


Chidren suffering from acute malnutrition are hospitalized in the CRNE, whereas those with moderate malnutrition receive outpatient care during several weeks.
To recover from malnutrition, children are given therapeutic milk the first few days, and then when their state improves, they receive enriched mush and get ready to leave the Center. Meals and medicine are given through naso-gastric probe. The food diet allows a fast resumption of weight gain if the child does not suffer from a specific disease. Recovery time varies from 2 to 4 weeks.


When the child is back to a normal weight and progresses well, he leaves the Center and benefits from a monthly check-up during one year at major weighing sessions.
The mother gets some milk and food supplies to make the enriched baby food at home. She also profits from a teaching on nutrition to enable her to take care of her child once back at home. Approximately 12,000 children are cared for every year.


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