In Africa, most patients live in conditions of precariousness, even extreme poverty, and are not covered by health insurance.

In a social perspective, Morija supports health centers by focusing on people who are vulnerable : those with disabilities, pregnant women and children.


Within its health centers in Togo and Cameroon, Morija and its partners provide a whole range of care which shows a visible impact in the beneficiaries’ health: maternal and pediatric follow-up, vaccination, management of malnutrition, malaria treatment, and hygiene awareness.

Management of the handicap is also at the heart of our actions.

Morija supports the  Medical and Surgical Center (MSC) in Kaya. It has an equipment workshop, a physiotherapy service and an operating block, specialized in orthopedic surgery and able to take care of the most complex pathologies.

Morija’s objective is to help reach by 2030 the Sustainable Development Goals set by UN in 2015.

Sustainable Development Goal 3
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.