Integrated Health Center (IHC) of Guider03-Sante-RGB

Location: Guider, Northern Cameroon.

The population of Northern Cameroon, rural for the vast majority, subsists on agricultural products and is dependent on harvests.

A poor rainy season combined with a price increase often drags families into food insecurity and malnutrition. Weakened bodies are then more vulnerable to diseases and epidemics.

Objective: contribute to the improvement of people’s health


Beneficiaries: about 16,000 people

Activities :

Morija supports the Integrated Health Center (IHC) of Guider which offers various services:

  • Preventive health consultations for children aged up to 5
  • Curative health consultations for children aged 6-14 and adults
  • Daytime Center for Recovery and Nutritional Education (CRNE) for malnourished children
  • Antenatal consultations, pregnancy monitoring and delivery
  • Pre-school consultations
  • Vaccinations at the Center and in the villages
  • Health education
  • Laboratory tests