Medico Surgical Center (MSC)03-Sante-RGB

Location: Burkina Faso, North Central Region, city of Kaya

In sub-Saharan Africa, the handicapped person has a very insecure status. Often the person is rejected and sometimes needs to beg in order to survive.
However, handicap is everywhere present, many children and adults become handicapped after diseases, accidents or inadequate care.

The Medico Surgical Center (MSC) is one of the best functional rehabilitation centers in Burkina Faso and the largest in capacity for care that requires hospitalization. The number of patients in care is constantly increasing.

Objective : Improve the mobility of people with disabilities through functional rehabilitation


Specific objectives :

  • Restore autonomy
  • Improve living conditions
  • Promote the social reintegration of people with discapacities into their community

Beneficiaries: people with disabilities

Activities :

  • Readapt at least 500 people a year with physiotherapy sessions
  • Fit at least 200 people a year with prostheses, orthotics, discharge devices and custom-made splints
  • Ensure treatment of at least 125 patients with orthopedic surgical operations