Morija Arc-en-CielLocation: Burkina Faso, Chad, rural communities

The Arc-en-Ciel Schools are educational establishments aiming to improve schooling conditions in schools in Burkina Faso and Chad. In a transversal and integrated approach, they take into account the sectors of water, sanitation and hygiene, health, nutrition and rural development and education.

General objective: Improve schooling conditions.

Specific objectives :
• Create an environment conducive to learning in schools
• Improve basic skills of children
• Make schools peaceful places of learning


Duration of the program: throughout the school year

Beneficiaries: About 150 students per school that has become École Arc-en-Ciel will benefit from the project, as will the communities neighboring the school.

As part of the Arc-en-Ciel Schools program, Morija wishes to achieve a certain standard in each establishment, so that all students have access to good educational conditions. Activities in the Water, Hygiene, Sanitation and Waste, Health, Nutrition, Rural Development and Education sectors are thus possible for all schools but the action will have to be adapted according to the specific needs of each school.