Drapeau_TogoArea: 56,600 km²
Population (2017): 7.1 million people
Density : 126,83 inh. / km²

Capital: Lomé

Pays_carte_TogoSome figures*

  • Under-five mortality rate: 7.8%
  • Adult illiteracy rate: 40 %
  • Rural population with access to improved sources of drinking water: 44%
  • Rural population with access to improved sanitation facilities: 3%

Morija in Togo

Morija operates in the city of Farendè and in the prefectures of Kloto and Agou, located in the Plateau region. The association has been active in the country since 1995 in the agroforestry and health sectors, particularly with its support for the Medico-Social Center (MSC) in Farendè.

Source: Unicef, Report “On the Situation of Children in the World”, 2016