Location: Nobéré, South Central Region, Burkina Faso
The peri-urban commune of Nobéré comprises 27 villages and an urban center.

General objective: Improve sustainable access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene and waste management practices of the population.

Specific objective:

  • Improve the governance of the municipality of Nobéré in the Water-Sanitation-Waste sector (WSW)
  • Improve sustainable access to safe drinking water
  • Improve the health and environmental situation

Duration of the program: January 2015- December 2020

Beneficiaries: in total, nearly 60,000 people will be beneficiaries of the project, i.e. 95% of Nobéré’s population by 2020.

Activities :

  • Reinforcement of the skills of the municipal actors
  • Construction and rehabilitation of wells
  • Identification and training of village masons
  • Construction of family and school latrines
  • Installation of handwashing devices in schools
  • Setting up a system for collecting, sorting and storing waste
  • Construction of a waste sorting center and waste landfill
  • Community awareness, hygiene awareness in schools and awareness on waste management

The WASH component is an integral part of the Colibri Program, which works transversally in several areas (NutritionWater-Sanitation-HygieneRural Development) to globally improve the living conditions and resilience of the population of Nobéré.