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Having a school canteen is a real asset for a school. It enables more children to be at school in the afternoons as well as giving them better learning abilities. Children do not need to go back home for lunch, whereas before, students who lived very far away from school used to come back late for the afternoon classes or even did not come back at all. Moreover, after a good meal children are more focused in the classroom. Through this, the academic performance of these schools concerning advancement rate have increased.

Teachers have great difficulty delivering afternoon classes because students are less attentive. In addition, because of insufficient meals, they are weaker and often get sick. They miss so many courses.

Having a school canteen therefore allows students to learn better. Thanks to this, the success rates of these schools for the transition to higher class have increased.

Overall objective: improve academic performance for schoolchildren.

Specific objectives:

  • Help meet the nutritional needs of students by providing a meal at lunch time
  • Improve students’ attendance and concentration.


Duration of the program: throughout the school year

Beneficiaries: students of 9 schools

  • Paalga, 450 students
  • Guéré A, 480 students
  • Guéré B, 380 students
  • Kandarzana A, 500 students
  • Kandarzana B, 120 students
  • Yarsé, 210 students
  • Oueloghin, 500 students
  • Bakago, 190 students
  • Sarogo, 190 students

Activities :

Morija supports the Pupils’ Parents Associations in setting up school canteens. Parents are involved just as well in the management of canteens as in their supply.
In some schools, the two canteens are mothers of students who have been trained in the rules of personal hygiene and food.