Location: Sarogo and Guéré communes, Zoundweogo province, Burkina Faso04-Education-RGB

In order to diversify the nutritional intake of students through school canteens, the lessons learned from the Family bocage Fields Project (FBF) were drawn on to set up a market garden in the compounds of some schools. This garden also acts as a place of learning for both students and teachers.

General objective: Improve the food intake of each student.

Specific objectives :

  • Produce vegetables in sufficient quantities
  • Train students in off-season gardening techniques, compost and tree production, and introduce sustainable agro-ecological techniques

Duration of the program: throughout the school year

Beneficiaries: students from Sarogo and Guéré schools


Morija supports the establishment of a market garden, managed by the school and its actors (students, teachers, parents of students):

  • Implementation of the garden: fencing of the land and construction of a retention basin
  • Exploitation of the garden: launch of nurseries for vegetables, trees and compost production
  • Training students in sustainable agronomic techniques