Location: Sarogo and Guéré communes, Zoundweogo province, Burkina Faso

In order to diversify the nutritional intake of students through school canteens, the lessons learned from the Family bocage Fields Project (FBF) were drawn on to set up a market garden in the compounds of some schools. This garden also acts as a place of learning for both students and teachers.

General objective: Improve the food intake of each student.

Specific objectives :

  • Produce vegetables in sufficient quantities
  • Train students in off-season gardening techniques, compost and tree production, and introduce sustainable agro-ecological techniques

Duration of the program: throughout the school year

Beneficiaries: students from Sarogo and Guéré schools


Morija supports the establishment of a market garden, managed by the school and its actors (students, teachers, parents of students):

  • Implementation of the garden: fencing of the land and construction of a retention basin
  • Exploitation of the garden: launch of nurseries for vegetables, trees and compost production
  • Training students in sustainable agronomic techniques