Nobéré is a peri-urban town located at a hundred kilometers from the capital of Burkina Faso Ouagadougou. Morija has been active in the area since 1987 through the CRNE in Nobéré focused on the therapeutic treatment of children under age 5 and the prevention of malnutrition towards mothers.

Morija commissioned a diagnostic study to determine the root causes of malnutrition in the commune and reduce it in a sustainable way. The Colibri Program has been developed to address this issue at the global level by combining  Nutrition, Water-Sanitation-Hygiene and Rural Development approaches.


Thanks to your sponsorship, the villagers of Nobéré can benefit from better living conditions and see their poverty decline:

  • They improve their nutritional practices
  • They have access to clean water, sanitation and good hygiene practices
  • They adopt sustainable farming practices and increase their yields
  • They develop community savings and set up income-generating activities