The NGO Morija fights against inequalities

Today is World Social Justice Day.
Social justice is based on equal rights for all peoples and the possibility for all human beings to benefit, without discrimination, from economic and social progress everywhere in the world, which includes for example access to health care for all.

Morija works to reduce inequalities in poor regions of sub-Saharan Africa by providing cross-cutting humanitarian aid that has a strong impact on the daily life of families. This means that it combines actions in several different areas (access to clean water, access to health care, access to education). Morija helps them get out of poverty and take charge of their economic and social future while providing for their basic needs.

The projects concretely put in place by Morija on the ground in order to stem the economic inequalities of the poor populations of sub-Saharan Africa range from micro-savings for women, in order to encourage them to invest in the long term and create micro-savings -enterprises (EPC), projects that help families to develop agriculture (CFB) and projects that will improve and facilitate access to education for future generations with the aim of improving their social status through knowledge (Arc-en-Ciel Schools, Market Gardens and School Canteens).

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