Water for life not for profit

On December 7, 2020, CME Group launched the first water futures market. Investors and speculators can now bet on the evolution of the water course in California.

Morija associated with 550 organizations and collectives from around the world sign a platform to alert on the drifts related to water.

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Water is a universal good and a right for all living things. To give it a monetary value is to assimilate it to a market product and object of speculation according to the law of supply and demand of our market economy. This source of life is a common good that belongs to all, the monetization of which raises ethical questions. If this dangerous enterprise continues, in the context of climate change, access to water will be confiscated by the better off, private interests and multinationals, leaving the poorest populations bloodless of this vital resource.

Since 1979, Morija has faced the problems of access to water in sub-Saharan Africa and knows how essential this resource is in saving lives on a daily basis. For 40 years, providing access to water to the poorest has been our priority: our wells and boreholes have provided free access to drinking water to more than 500,000 people. Yet there is still a lot to do! And this news touches us particularly and challenges us, we are in any case convinced that it does not go in the direction of access to drinking water for all and the most deprived.

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