International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day #NotWasting

“What scandalizes me is not that there are rich and poor: it is waste. “
Mother Teresa
Since 2014, the number of hungry people on the planet has been steadily increasing. What is the link between this increase and the waste seen in rich countries?
The waste of food has for effect the loss of the products ready to be consumed but also the loss of all the resources which were deployed for the creation and the transformation of this food.
When food is wasted, the entire chain of resources that allowed it to be created is lost. And these resources, of course, could have been used for the benefit of the poorest people, for example, whose numbers are also increasing in rich countries.
In addition, the elimination of food waste generates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change that mainly affects the poorest in poor areas of the planet.
This is why on this International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, Morija encourages you to follow the advice of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in order to reduce food waste in its own right. maximum.
See the 15 tips for reducing food waste: