Let human rights guide our steps!

Proclaimed a “common standard of achievement” more than 70 years ago by the UN General Assembly, the Declaration of Human Rights may not be binding, but it holds us all accountable. It has inspired an entire body of international human rights standards. Moreover, it guides us in our daily choices and decisions.

It lists the inalienable, interdependent and universal rights of each individual as a human being, without distinction. Among them, access to drinking water and education, two areas where Morija is very active in Africa.

First, with the WASH Sakoula project, which aims to improve sustainable access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation and good hygiene and waste management practices for the population of Sakoula, Burkina Faso.

With the Rainbow schools, secondly, which improve the schooling conditions of children in Chad and Burkina Faso.

Human rights inspire our every project. On this very special Human Rights Day 2021, let’s make sure that they also inspire each of our behaviors, on a smaller scale.