International Mother Earth Day 2022: Restoring ecological ecosystems

A flagship event for ecology, International Mother Earth Day is celebrated today, April 22. Its objective is to raise public awareness of environmental protection and to encourage the adoption of ecological behavior.
Human impact on ecosystems
This new edition focuses on the restoration of ecosystems. An ecosystem is defined as a set of living beings living within an environment and interacting with each other and with their environment. The perpetuation of the innumerable ecosystems existing on Earth supposes the conservation of a balance with the maintenance of each species, animal as vegetable. For several decades, our ecosystems have been threatened in particular because of the increase in multiple human activities that have negative effects on terrestrial and maritime ecosystems. The result is a shift in the balance of the ecosystem that can lead to the extinction of a number of species: researchers estimate that 7.5 to 13% of plant and animal species have disappeared for about 500 years!
Help restore the ecosystem through agroforestry
It is essential to create a sustainable economy that would not disturb ecological ecosystems. Better, it is necessary to try to restore those which are damaged. Our agroforestry project in Togo clearly falls within this perspective, since one of its objectives is to contribute to the restoration and preservation of biodiversity and the ecosystem in which it is located.