World Water Day

The villagers of Doncin
The villagers of Doncin plant eucalyptus seedlings on the drilling site

Today, 2.1 billion people in the world, that is 30% of the global population, do not have access to drinking water services.

Because of the upcoming climatic change, 40% of mankind will face water shortages by 2050. That is why the theme for this year is: ‘Water: The answer is in nature’.

Morija has been implementing the Colibri WASH Program in the municipality of Nobéré in Burkina Faso since 2015. It includes 28 villages. 

The village of Doncin

In this highly populated village divided in 12 districts, three drillings have been completed. In January 2018, the fourth drilling of the village was built and implemented with the assistance of the local population in the district of Mokané.

Since the drilling became operational, the life of the population of Mokané district has changed. Women and girls are the most impacted by this change. They are still responsible for fetching water. But the closeness of the new drilling will enable them to perform other activities, and girls will be able to spend more time on their education.

Eucalyptus seedlings on the drilling site

To thank Morija and materialize their happiness, the villagers planted eucalyptus seedlings on the drilling site. This is a rather unusual act, little observed up to now, which reflects the recipients’ interest for their environment. They do want to preserve it, for example, here by starting a reforesting project of the area.

WATER is LIFE. Because drinking is absolutely vital for mankind, and clean water safeguards its health. But also because the access to water helps people adopt healthy and sustainable practices concerning their living surroundings.

15 other new drillings will be completed this year in the villages of the commune of Nobéré, and the rehabilitation of 10 non-functional water points has been planned.