Junior high school students in St Julien-en-Genevois made aware on water issues

Students are attentive during Morija’s intervention in their classroom

As part of an educational project on the theme of water, 7th-grade students from St Julien-en-Genevois were encouraged by their teachers to undertake solidarity actions to support Morija’s Colibri WASH Program.

During the Christmas holiday season, the students organized several events to raise funds to support this project of access to water.

Second-hand toy fair, Christmas markets etc… totaled 1,303 €!

This amount enables 45 people to have a sustainable access to drinking water.

Morija gave the students a presentation on the theme of water, and other educational activities were also conducted. They also visited a water treatment plant or a dam as part of their earth and life sciences course.

Thank you to all 6 classes of 7th-grade students and their teachers for their motivation and mobilization for the access to water.