Solidarity chocolates: good news for Easter

An animated illustration
An animated illustration has been specifically designed to monitor the progress of the action

During the month of March, Morija launched its first edition of its Solidarity chocolates action. 950 students from the Orientation Cycle Middle School in La Tour-de-Trême committed themselves to this unique solidarity action aimed at improving the infrastructures of the secondary school of Sougou in Burkina Faso.

Cailler, partner of Morija for this action

For the occasion, specially-designed Cailler chocolate boxes were distributed by the students in the whole area of La Gruyère in exchange of a free donation.

The beneficiary secondary school of Sougou

This secondary school with over 300 students was selected to benefit from the action, due to its striking lack of basic infrastructures. It has no access to drinking water, there are no toilets, no electricity and no school canteen. 

Solidarity chocolates: amazing results!

In just one month, through an incredible demonstration of solidarity, the students collected almost CHF 75,000 and distributed 8,866 chocolate boxes.

This amount will help:

  • buy school supplies (a part has already been distributed)
  • purchase sports equipment
  • set up a library
  • dig a well within the school compound (the drilling is already undertaken)
  • build latrines
  • electrify the school with solar panels
  • set up a market garden
  • develop a school canteen

As the expected collections have largely exceeded the financial needs of the project, the amount of CHF 25,000 is going to be allocated to the Medical and Surgical Center (MSC) of Kaya to participate in its operating funding.

The students from the top 3 classes having recorded the best results among the 44 engaged, have been awarded a prize:

. The students from the top 2 performers will enjoy an outing at the Aquaparc of Le Bouveret, followed by a visit of Morija’s headquarters.

These 2 classes alone have raised CHF 8,933, that is 12% of the total amount!

. The students from the class ranking 3rd win a trip to the Chocolate Workshop at Maison Cailler.

One of the 3 winning classes is a reception class for children of migrants, most of whom come from Africa.

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