International Education Day: In sub-Saharan Africa, less than 40% of girls complete secondary school.

On this International Education Day, imagine for a few seconds that you could not attend school and did not have access to education. Imagine that what you are reading now is just a bunch of incomprehensible symbols. It is a dramatic alteration in your understanding of the world and what surrounds you.

This is what the 617 million children and young adults experience every day, who cannot read, write or do simple calculations.

There is an uncertain proverb that says that you can only give a child two things: roots and wings. Deprived of their roots, education, these children will suffer for the rest of their lives. Beyond their personal destiny, a whole country suffers the consequences. This infernal circle must end.

Morija gives them a chance

By intervening in all areas of the daily life of poor families in sub-Saharan Africa, Morija encourages and facilitates the education of thousands of children each year.

By providing a means of subsistence to parents, by improving the living conditions of the family and by improving school infrastructure with the Arc-en-Ciel School Program, the absenteeism rate of students decreases and their school success rate increases considerably. .

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