Donation of a new device for the operating room of the Kaya Medical and Surgical Center in Burkina Faso

A new surgical device intended for the operating room of the Kaya Medico-Surgical Center in Burkina Faso (MSC), supported by Morija, has been graciously offered by the Genolier Foundation.

This device (C-ARM Philips BV Endura) called “fluoroscopy” will make it possible to view live images of the surgery, operations can be more precise and the quality of care will be improved. MSC patients will be able to benefit from this device from February 2022!

The handover of the device to Morija took place in the premises of the General Clinic of Ste-Anne in Friborg with the presence of the Ambassador of Burkina Faso in Switzerland, His Excellency Dieudonné Sougouri, the President of the Foundation Genolier, Mr. Raymond Loretan, the President of Morija, Mr. Gabriel Migy and the Managing Director of Morija Switzerland, Mr. Benjamin Gasse.

Morija would like to warmly thank the Genolier Foundation for this precious gift and send a sincere thank you to His Excellency Mr. Dieudonné Sougouri for his presence during the presentation.