World Health Day: For a Fairer and Healthier World

Inequalities in health treatment have continued to increase since the Covid-19 crisis, which highlighted this age-old problem.

In the North, vaccination campaigns are intensifying in countries that have had the means to negotiate doses, sometimes at a high price. In the South, the developing countries are, as very often, left behind.

With its Medico-Surgical Center in Kaya in Burkina Faso, Morija allows everyone to benefit from quality care. We ensure that the care is provided at the level of the financial possibilities of the patients and often free of charge: in our Recovery and Nutritional Education Centers, where mothers come to consult desperate because of the undernutrition of their babies, milk maternity and care is completely free.

No distinction is made between a well-off patient and a patient with less means. These are the values ​​that Morija transmits daily through its teams. Let us continue to fight for free access to care and health for all, everywhere.

The story of 10-year-old Abdoul Rahim BONKOUNGOU, fifth of seven children. He was able to benefit from exemplary care at the Kaya MSC despite his parents’ limited means:

The onset of symptoms would go back to November 2018 following an injection of quinine in the left thigh. The consequences were marked by a stiffness of the left knee in flexion hampering his quality of life and his schooling. Indeed, the patient has been out of school for 2 years, no longer able to go to school (located about 5 km from his home) by bicycle. He was having difficulty playing with his friends. We received him on September 09, 2020 at MSC Morija in consultation accompanied by his father. After our examination we concluded that the left knee was stiff with almost impossible flexion.

A release of the quadriceps was then indicated and performed on September 18, 2020, followed by intensive physiotherapy. Six weeks after the operation, he regained good knee mobility with 0-110 degree flexion. He is able to pedal again, the bicycle thus promoting his future schooling and a fulfilling childhood. ”
The cost of support, all costs included: CHF 626/580 € (380,000 FCFA) represents the 4-month salary for his parents.

Without the social approach of the MSC, Abdoul would never have been able to receive treatment. Here, a solution exists, thanks to the support of Morija and its donors.

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