Morija launches a new project in Chad called “Resilience”

Morija is launching a new large-scale project in Chad in partnership with Raps-Développement and Aprofika with the support of the European Union.
In Mandoul Province, in the far south of the country, the consequences of climate change are being felt. A strong irregularity of the rains, a rainfall deficit as well as extreme episodes of certain meteorological phenomena such as strong winds are more and more frequent.
All of these phenomena disrupt agricultural cycles and deteriorate production.
In the long term, these phenomena can create food insecurity. In this province, the population lives mainly on family farming.
The Morija project aims to provide technical assistance to farming families in order to train them in resilient farming methods that make it possible to cope with the adverse effects of climate change.

And concretely …

The first axis of the project focuses on raising awareness among the population. Through information and discussion workshops bringing together local, traditional and religious authorities, as well as broadcasts on local radio stations, the project aims to reach more than 60% of the local population of the Province by 2024.
Local authorities will also be supported in adopting environmental plans and thus better anticipating future changes.
Farmers will be supported in the development of processing and marketing activities for their products through educational farms and will be able to achieve financial empowerment through the granting of micro-credits.
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