World Malaria Day 2022: The fight against malaria has its ups and downs

Organized today, April 25, World Malaria Day highlights the need for political commitment and permanent investment in the prevention of malaria. The goal is the complete elimination of this disease.
At the global level, the progress is exciting, since malaria is now absent in Europe and North America and is on the way to disappearing in Southeast Asia. This mosquito-borne disease remains responsible for more than one million child deaths per year, most of which occur south of the Sahara. It is one of the leading causes of death in Africa.
COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the fight against malaria. There has been a drop in consultations, a reluctance of the population to attend health services at the beginning, a limitation of the movements of nursing staff and patients, as well as difficulties in the supply of drugs, equipment and human resources. (
Despite this, the trend is downward in malaria cases. We owe this in particular to awareness-raising actions in the communities and to the distribution of impregnated mosquito nets and screening tests, an area in which Morija is active in Togo, for example. Let’s use this day to raise awareness of the progress that remains to be made!