New support for Morija!

Mattéo Bertone, 15, is an 11th grade student living in the canton of Bern. In its school program, all students at this level must initiate a project over the whole year.
Mattéo is creative, and he is sensitive to humanitarianism. He therefore chose to draw 4 artistic visuals intended to be printed on t-shirts, which will be sold throughout the year. The benefits of this project will go to a development cooperation association, and he chose Morija. An initiative that warms our hearts!
During his assessment and final presentation, he will present the association to his jury.
We extend our encouragement to Mattéo for his initiative and congratulate him for his commitment. Here we communicate the direct contact to support the action and to order your T-shirt!
Mattéo Bertone, tel 077 524 88 59 – email:
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