Important visits

The care and nutrition centers of Morija are sometimes visited by official delegations, such as that of the Governor of the Center-South Region of Burkina Faso, Mrs. Josiane Kabré/Zoungrana (in Nobéré) or that of Mr. Ban Ki -moon at the Cren in Ouagadougou.

These are visits that highlight the action of Morija and honor the work done every day to save malnourished children. Although they are of great value to us, yet they are not the most important to us ;). Those we prefer above all are those of our former patients, that is to say beneficiaries in their early childhood, infants saved by the persevering care of the Cren teams – and who come back to testify.

Recently, a mother came with her 28-year-old (!) son to thank the nursing staff and encourage him in his work. Everyone was very touched by the visit of young Seydou LIDO, seen here in the photo, now married and holder of a Master’s degree in History and Geography.

The mother recalls “I arrived with my 9 month old son, who was in terrible shape. I was very stressed and didn’t know what to do. We were too poor and the center provided medicine for free and of course paid for my son’s renutrition. He stayed for 4 months and thanks to the care of the team, I regained confidence. May the Almighty Lord bless you and your families. Thanks ! »

One of the countless examples of the fruit of the important work carried out in these Recovery and Nutritional Education centers for many years! We often say it: every donation counts to save lives. And the result is worth it! Thank you all.