International Literacy Day

Today, more than 61 million children worldwide are out of school. In sub-Saharan Africa, where Morija makes a special effort in the field of education, illiteracy rates are close to 50% among people between 15 and 49 years old: it is a poverty lock.

Education is a major issue for Morija, which is why the NGO builds school infrastructure in the poorest areas of Burkina Faso and Chad and supports disadvantaged schools through its “arc schools” program. -in sky “.

The Chocolats-Solidaires action to fight against illiteracy

For several years, Morija has set up an action called Chocolats-Solidaires.
This action consists of raising awareness among Swiss students about international humanitarian issues related to sustainable development.

Then, in a second step, offer them a concrete help tool to support an underprivileged African school by distributing chocolates in order to collect donations.

The last Chocolats-Solidaires action of the COs of Sion in Switzerland has made it possible to build a school with all the necessary facilities for more than 600 Chadian students!

We are looking for Swiss schools to participate in a new action, if you have an interest, please send an email to

The Espoir school before and after the Chocolats-Solidaires action