Burkina Faso: Instability in the north and east of the country has created a food crisis

In the north and east of Burkina Faso, populations have been subjected to terrorist atrocities for several years. The stability of the food supply in the markets is compromised.
Demand for basic foodstuffs is strong, but production and transport have become more difficult.

As a result, the prices are well above average. Many families find it difficult to meet their needs and sometimes cannot eat their fill.

Because of this situation, which cannot leave anyone indifferent, Morija organizes monthly distributions of emergency food kits for the too many families in need.

In 2020, 40,296 internal refugees were able to benefit from this assistance.
So far this year, 3,450 refugees have benefited from Morija’s emergency aid.

Morija’s emergency aid in figures:

Morija Emergency aid


Refugees continue to flow into northern Burkina Faso, help refugee families fleeing terrorism